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About Naomi

Through a near death experience as a child, I was given the ability to communicate with spirits, psychic impression and gained an enhanced ability to see auras around life forms.  I became sensitive to things beyond the physical world. 

I was visited by a spirit guide at the age of 5 when I was hospitalized and experiencing what was believed to be my last moments here.  The guide, whom visited me, name was Celandra and it was explained to me that Celandra was the split of my soul from many lifetimes ago.  Not understanding these things at that age, I didn't understand the meaning of the information at the time. What transpired was a very miraculous recovery and an ability to see disembodied spirits, colors and energy around life forms among other abilities.

I spent most of my childhood and teenage years like most children, but fighting off illnesses and seeing things that I could not explain or understand. In my young adult life I made the decision to become a chemical dependency counselor and life coach in order to reach out to others.  I eventually came to understand through a series of spiritual teachers what my gifts meant and how to utilize them.

I was introduced to the people of South Dakota through one of my spiritual teachers and dear friends, Sandi, in the early 90's. Soon after I had a vision that told me to move to the mid-west and work with the Native Americans and to become part of their society and teachings.  In 1993 I opened The Quest Holistic Center and branched out all through the midwest through radio, TV, workshops etc.  Things grew at an alarming rate and things became clear that, once again, it was time to step back and let the universe take care of those who have needed me for so long and take the time needed to regroup and go through more physical, emotional and spiritual self-healing.

Again, many signs came to me in 2009 that it was time to reach out again to my community as a teacher, healer and counselor.

I am grateful for all those I have worked with and hope to work with in the future.  Through them I learn, grow and make make changes for my own "Clarity, Inspiration and Change"