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Derrick Johnson

Focused Balance

Reiki Master Healer
Spiritual Guidance & Counseling 

Derrick offers sessions for spiritual guidance, reiki healing, life coaching, couple’s and individual counseling, numerology, energy clearing, and saging.

Derrick first joined the Soul Essence family in 2011 as a client and student. He first started seeing and hearing spirit at a very early age. As he grew older these visions and voices became more frequent and intrusive causing both mental and physical anguish. Working with Naomi, Derrick learned how to understand what was happening and how to communicate with spirit and developing his mediumship. Since then he has strengthened his channeling, clairvoyant and empathic abilities. Derrick discovered his true calling was to help others identify and develop their unique gifts and talents. In his sessions he uses spiritual intuition and channeling as well as alternative mediums such as a pendulums, crystals, and meditation to connect the mind, body, heart, and spirit.  

Derrick also developed his healing abilities with the Soul Essence family.  As a healer, Derrick worked with Wendy Jones and is a Master Reiki healer.  Reiki is a relaxation and stress relieving technique that also promotes physical healing and mental clarity. Rei, meaning "God's Wisdom" or Higher Power and Ki, "Life Force Energy". Reiki treats every aspect of one’s self bringing balance, healing and focus. Derrick uses reiki to help balance energy and unblock channels.  He offers life coaching and counseling sessions to help heal the emotional self. 

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