Tools for Clarity, Inspiration and Change

The Soul Essence Center

Betty G. - Wyoming

Naomi is an amazing spiritual advisor. I had my first aura reading with her and was absolutely amazed at how accurate it was, it was like she already knew so much about me. The information I received during my reading has helped me deal with difficult work situations, better understand my relationships, and learn how to focus my intentions for the future.  I have also taken two of her workshops which were very good. I learned easy tools and techniques to help me mediate, and am now finally able to meditate on my own. Naomi has helped me to continue my spiritual growth. -

Angelle - Houston, Texas

My sessions with Naomi have impacted me in a profound way.  Her guidance and wisdom has inspired how I go about my daily life. She radiates such a positive energy and offers me so much hope. Each visit I have with her, I continue to be amazed by her intuition and knowledge.  I believe Naomi is blessed with the gift of helping and inspiring others to live at your full potential. 

Sal - Houston, Texas

Testimonial from Client since 1992....

Naomi has guided me through all my incredible lessons of the last 15+ years.  I am awed as I walk along my Path of Beauty - as I peel away each mask.  I would not be who I am now - where I am now:  I would not know what I know - feel what I feel - be in such an awesome space - without her guiding hand and heart. Thank you from the fullness of my heart and with all my power.

Jane L - South Dakota